Ieong In Tong was founded in 2014, the company launched the “Hair and Scalp Care” concept in Macau. The company is committed to comprehensive care and nursery hair scalp professional hair care, scalp care, anti-off-the-life brand, now we have four specialty stores in Macau.


Anti-aging, Amortality and Anti-hair loss! These are our goals to make your hair younger and younger, through the modern anti-stress management and anti-aging management as well as healthy scalp and relieving stress that to be our target, select the best natural herbal extracts, Ecocert organic and green certified anti-aging antioxidant raw materials, using advanced biotechnology and traditional Chinese medicine massage Manipulation, providing a comprehensive solution for all kinds of scalp hair problems.


The brand has set up professional Hanfang herbal hair, prevent hair loss, organic hair treatment, cure dandruff, regulating oil, sensitive conditioning, head decompression, head aromatherapy SPA and other nursing programs, and we have the therapist provides all scalp hair treatments in the stores.



2014 - The first Ieong In Tong officially opened in Rua da Praia do Manduco

2014 - The first SGS certification of natural scalp care hair

2014 - Imported CE certified by the European Union Standards for the development of bio-optical equipment

2016 - The first Swiss organic ordinance for and processed plant products Ecocert Council Regulation (EC) No.834/2007

            “Swiss institution certification: creating a balanced ecological environment with natural compost, natural, not       

            using Longyue natural organic cultivation Hair dyed pollen. Rich in natural nutrients and rich trace elements of the

            earth, it is most suitable for vital hair dyeing, health and environmental protection.”

2016 - Dyed products certified by Swiss Ecocert

2016 - Store brand image is fully upgraded

2016 - Ieong In Tong Tap Seac Branch Opening

2016 - Introduced international ISO patent anti-hair loss and hair growth promoting effect research products

2017 - Adding Nam Van VIP Center

2017 - Introducing Green Technology Product Certification

2017 - Product upgrades received FDA and Korean KFDA double certification

2018 - Ieong In Tong Taipa Branch Opening

2018 - Ieong In Tong Hak Sa Wan Branch Opening